Finding Native Population Demographics Using U.S. Census

By Kristin Miller

Finding Native Population Demographics Using U.S. Census

ETD Inc. specializes in developing Strategic and Land Use Plans for rural and Native American communities. Our research almost always requires the use of U.S. Census data. We use data related to population and income to develop a community assessment with future projections. This information is vital in planning for the future of Native communities. Here are some instructions to find information about your own community, you may be surprised at what you find:

1. Go to American Fact Finder on the website.

2. Select "Advanced Search".

3. On the left-hand side, select "Geographies."

4. A window will pop up. It has four tabs. Select the "Name" tab.

5. A bunch of stuff will show up in that window. On the left-hand side, look at the box that says "Geography Filter Options". Geographic Type should be  open. Scroll down and select the third to last option - "Other Tribal Area (42)".

6. Your Geography Filters should now be: "Geographic Type: Other Tribal Area".

7. Now select "All Tribal Subdivisions/Remainders fully within/partially within Arizona" from the main window (Geography Results).

8. Now you have selected all "Other Tribal Areas" within/partially within Arizona. Now we need to get population data.

9. On the very left-hand side where you initially selected "Geographies", you will now click "Topics." The Geographies window will close and the Topics window will open.

10. Under "People", expand the list and select "Basic Count/Estimate" > "Population Total."

11. This is your population count/population estimates. You want to use DP-1 "Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics: 2010" for the official census data and DP05 "ACS DEMOGRAPHIC AND HOUSING ESTIMATES" for yearly estimates based on 2010 data. (When you open the link, it will have a table with all tribes in AZ. You will have to keep clicking the ">" button until you reach the community you are searching for, same for every table you open).

12. To get income information, go to Your Selections near the top left corner. Click the "X" next to "Population Total".

13. Re-select "Topics" > "People" > "Income/Earnings (Households)" > DP03 "SELECTED ECONOMIC CHARACTERISTICS"



U.S. Census Bureau; Table title: e.g. Profile of General...; generated by __your name__; using   American FactFinder; <>; (dd (month) yyyy).

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