Dine, Querecho, Apache de Nabaho, Navajo: Past and Present History of the Navajo People

By Kristin Miller

Dine, Querecho, Apache de Nabaho, Navajo: Past and Present History of the Navajo People

Eunice Tso presented about Navajo Nation at the Museum of Northern Arizona last month. Tso educated the Museum docents (tour volunteers) about the archaeological history of the Navajo people and the current state of the Navajo Nation. This presentation gave the docents a better idea and understanding about where the Navajos came from to share with visitors when they give tours at the Museum.

Tso spoke about the archaeological history of the Navajo people, including how they got their name, the trials and tribulations the Navajo people progressed through, and how they became the largest tribal nation in the United States to this day. The trials and tribulations included an emphasis on the infamous Long Walk to Bosque Redondo (i.e. Fort Sumner) and the Stock Reduction of 1932-1936.

Following the history portion of the presentation, Tso spoke about the modern Navajo Nation government structure. She outlined the present economic, social, and infrastructural issues that face the Navajo Nation. She hopes that the Navajo Nation invests in sustainable infrastructure projects that will support a strong tourism industry on the Nation due to its rich, scenic beauty, untouched landscapes, and cultural heritage.

Due to their extensive cultural and historical background, the presentation on Tuesday only scratches the surface on the history and culture that influences the Navajo people. However, Tso believes that the information she talked about is sufficient enough to give the docents an understanding of the Navajos. Tso recommended several titles in case they, or anyone, would like to learn more about them.

In May of 2016, Mr. Norman Mayes, the head Docent at the Museum of Northern Arizona Museum, approached Eunice Tso to conduct a presentation for all of the docents of the Museum in regards to the Navajo Nation. Mayes learned about Tso after reading an article about Tso in the Arizona Daily Sun celebrating her business's 20th Anniversary.

Come see the Museum of Northern Arizona's 67th Annual Navajo Festival of Arts & Crafts on August 6-7, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. For more information about the Museum, please visit their website <https://musnaz.org/>.

Recommended Reading:

1. The Navajos
by Ruth M. Underhill (1956).

2. Navajo Places: History, Legend, Landscaope
by Laurence D. Linford (2000)

3. Navaho Expedition: Journal of a Military Reconnaissance from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the Navaho Country, Made in 1849
by James H. Simpson and Frank McNitt (1964).

4. hyperlink: http://azdailysun.com/business/local/etd-inc-celebrates-years-of-work-on-the-navajo-nation/article_0554ec6b-2476-55d5-a919-9507cef9ca4c.html

5. hyperlink: https://musnaz.org/heritage-program-festivals/navajo-festival/

Wednesday, 03 August 2016

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