Tolikan Chapter’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Roadmap to the Desired Future of the Community

Tolikan Chapter’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Tolikan Chapter’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) is a roadmap to the desired future of the community.  It is considered a comprehensive plan because it emphasizes the relationships among land use components including: land uses, housing, public and community facilities, utilities and roads, economic development, and open space/rangeland.  Each component contains goals, policies and/or action steps aimed at addressing the community’s issues, desires, and needs.
The Tolikan Chapter Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) represents the vision of the community.  The vision as expressed by the Chapter members and its leaders is to:  (1) improve public involvement through cooperation and understanding, (2) facilitate economic development, public facilities, and housing projects, (3) preserve the landscape and improve the way we manage the rangelands, and (4) implement a local government system that is effective and efficient.

The CLUP will function as a guide for future development.  Goals and policies can be translated into local ordinances that reflect the social direction of the community and its ideas, dreams, needs, and concerns.  It will also serve as a tool to educate the Navajo Nation government, neighboring chapters, and county and state governments about the issues and goals of the people of Tolikan Chapter.  The planning range is five years, and after that it should be updated every five years to reflect changing conditions.


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