LeChee Chapter Comprehensive Land Use Plan

“Planning for our community”

LeChee Chapter Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Chapters have legal authority to manage land within their boundaries according to the Navajo Nation Local Governance Act (LGA). ETD Inc. was contracted by LeChee Chapter to help the chapter prepare a land use plan. The purpose of the plan was to establish guidelines for orderly growth of their community by designating land uses that are compatible with one another and designate areas to preserve and protect. The plan supports housing, public and community facilities, economic development, and utility infrastructure projects. It will guide community leaders whom make decisions about future development.

Our team led the LeChee Chapter Planning and Zoning Committee through a nine month planning process. A community survey was conducted to better understand chapter member views on various issues. The committee discussed and agreed to a number of recommendations for land use. These recommendations that reflect the community's ideas, needs and concerns were presented in the form of goals and objectives.

Implementing the land use plan will require adoption of zoning ordinances. Under LGA, Navajo Chapters may enact zoning ordinances provided that the membership adopts and implements a community land use plan. Once a zoning ordinance is adopted it requires daily administration, monitoring, a quasi-judicial permitting process, legislative amendments, allowances for variance, and enforcement mechanisms.

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