LeChee Chapter Community Values Survey

LeChee Chapter Community Values Survey

ETD Inc. combines various community relations strategies when developing community based plans. Lechee Chapter contracted ETD to manage the development of a comprehensive land use plan (CLUP). We conducted a community values survey to better understand the issues, goals, and opportunities in the community.

Geographically, the chapter area encompasses 293,013 acres and is bordered by the Lake Powell Recreation Area and the Colorado River; the City of Page; and the Coppermine, Kaibeto, and Inscription House Chapters. Tourism is the major industry in the region as 2.9 million visitors come to recreate on Lake Powell and to tour such attractions as Antelope Canyons.

Community surveys are useful tools in understanding community values and demographics. We asked the community to answer anonymously, questions about voter registration, residential status, household income, household demographics, employment, satisfaction of current land use, chapter organization structure, and current public facilities. 

Housing was a primary concern and the public strongly agreed that there is a housing shortage, especially for nice homes. They want funding for affordable and quality housing. Some community members do not have running water and electrify and are frustrated with the home-site leasing process.


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