Casino Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Program

Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise

Casino Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Program

ETD Inc. was contracted by the Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise (NNGE) in 2015, to develop a guidance manual for testing, reporting and responding to indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns at their four casino properties. The goal is to maintain an acceptable standard of IAQ conditions that provides for comfort and safety of NNGE's guests and employees.

The environmental health and safety (EH&S) approach to IAQ testing follows methods developed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NOISH) in their publication, Guidance for Indoor Air Quality Investigations. In April 2016, Western Technologies, Inc. began the testing and reporting of air quality in the four NNGE casino properties guided by the manual developed by ETD Inc.

According to the manual, it is the responsibility of NNGE to provide oversight, leadership and technical expertise in managing the IAQ conditions in its gaming and hospitality properties and respond as necessary. They must retain the services of an EH&S engineer to hygienist to conduct annual IAQ testing and respond quickly to concerns identified by facilities staff, employees, or guests. In the event an anomaly is detected, NNGE must implement a plan to investigate, identify corrective action plan, implement course action, and communicate information as needed.

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