Rural Planning

Rural Planning

The basic components of a land regulatory system are land use plans and zoning ordinances. ETD Inc. prepares land use plans for native communities in order to strengthen their ability to effectively manage their land and meet the needs of the population. Land use plans establish guidelines or community development and organized growth; these plans are followed up with adoption of local ordinances that serve as the enforcement mechanism.

We prepare plans that support housing, public facilities, economic development, and infrastructure projects while preserving and protecting cultural resources. Our approach is driven by issues, goals, and opportunities covering a broad range of topics for short and long-term planning. Though our community values survey, we discover goals that become the foundation of the plans. Our community assessments cover socioeconomic profiles, and demographic trends. 

ETD Inc. utilizes satellite imagery from Google Earth and ESRI's ArcGIS as a cost effective tool to eliminate the need for significant amounts of field work. Land use maps created with ArcGIS 10.4 enable the audience to visualize and understand spacial patters and relationships within their communities. They also prompt better decision making, improved communications among stakeholders, and enhanced public meetings.

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