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From the President

“We are surrounded by Native American reservations that have benefited from our deep understanding of environmental regulations on tribal lands.”
Eunice Tso, President/CEO

Some of Our Services

Environmental Consulting

Environmental Regulatory Compliance

In response to a growing concern for the environment, the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) was passed and has become the national charter for environmental protection. It sets forth a process for analyzing and disclosing significant impacts of a proposed action. Because the majority of activities in Indian Country include Federal funding or approval, nearly all developments require some aspect of the NEPA process. Since tribes have retained their sovereignty for environmental protection on land within their jurisdiction, activities on tribal land often require the approval of both the tribal government as well as the relevant federal agency.

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Rural Planning

Rural Planning

The basic components of a land regulatory system are land use plans and zoning ordinances. ETD Inc. prepares land use plans for native communities in order to strengthen their ability to effectively manage their land and meet the needs of the population. Land use plans establish guidelines or community development and organized growth; these plans are followed up with adoption of local ordinances that serve as the enforcement mechanism.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

  • Doggett Realty

    “I have used the services of ETD Inc. for environmental consulting for over two years on land use and development projects on the Navajo Nation. The service from Principal, Eunice Tso, has been excellent and the quality of the written product has been very effective in achieving my clients' project goals.”

    Jack Doggett

  • Brown and Caldwell, Salt Lake City, UT

    “We have worked with ETD Inc. on a number of important infrastructure planning and design projects over the past 5 years. We have a great working relationship with Eunice and her staff. We consider them our “Go-To” firm when we need help on our Navajo projects. They always produce a high quality product and quickly adapted their submittals to the format and style we requested for our reports. It is refreshing to receive written deliverables that requires little, to no correction or re-write.”

    Shem Liechty, Vice President

  • Hopi Telecommunications, Inc.

    “Hopi Telecommunications, Inc. employed ETD Inc. for the required environmental assessments on its major projects. ETD Inc. has proven to be reliable, professional and knowledgeable of federal, state and local regulations to complete the assessments in a timely manner.”

    Carroll Onsae, President and General Manager

  • Indigenous Community Enterprises

    “ETD has been very helpful in navigation through the stringent environmental review requirements of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD), who is our main funding source. ETD has in-house professionals to conduct archaeological, biological, and wetland surveys as well as level 1 floodplain assessments. They have good-working relationships with tribal agencies that must be consulted with. They also provide timely quality professional products and deliverables.”

    Hazel James, Executive Director

  • Southwest Indian Foundation

    "We hired ETD Inc. to do some categorical exclusions. We were impressed, their staff is awesome and quick to answer any questions we had. Best of all, their time-frame for completing the project was amazing. I recommend ETD Inc. to everyone!"

    Jonessa - Southwest Indian Foundation

  • Ramah Navajo Chapter

    “ETD has fully executed a number of projects successfully and has demonstrated their knowledge of HUD. NHA, State and Federal guidelines that have been inclusive in the variety of projects we have completed within our transportation and housing divisions. ETD Inc. has met the required schedule each time, demonstrating their time management and resource skills.”

    Shawna Ballay, Project Manager

  • Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department

    “ETD Inc. provided this department with exemplary assistance on major projects including Little Colorado River Tribal Park Viewpoint One, Bowl Canyon/Assayi, Navajo Nation Fairgrounds, and Monument Valley Tribal Park Environmental Assessments. The assessments including all required surveys, clearances, and permits were completed in a timely manner and within budget.”

    Ray Russell, Director

  • Homesite Lease

    "My husband was very happy with the professionalism and the detail to their work. It isn't all too often we come across that here on the reservation. ETD Inc. is definitely doing great things for our people and I appreciate their services."

    Cheryl Bitsoi - Homesite Lease Holder


    "She provides expert consulting to tribes in Indian country. I've had the opportunity to work with her. She navigates a lot of complex environmental projects on the reservation. She also prepares  land use plans that clearly articulate the communities' vision, priority projects and coordination efforts."

    Derrick Watchman, CEO

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